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Rolanta Tea and Herbal Drinks

Rolanta Tea is one of Sri Lanka’s largest Organic Tea & Herbal Drink products Company that produce ranging of tea and herbal Organic Drinks to the local & international market. Rolanta success is built on a strong foundation, which began in 2012 when Ridma Ayantha, a tea blender who became a young entrepreneur, established the company backed by a strong and dedicated management team of professionals, Rolanta Tea was able to grow exponentially within a span of only seven years. Currently, Rolanta Tea covers island wide distribution working seamlessly with its sales team with a product portfolio of over 30 products.

Why Organic ?

“Organic is a system of farming and food production. Rolanta Organic farmers aim to produce high-quality food, using methods that benefit our whole food system, from people to planet. Rolanta Organic farmers work to a strict set of standards, which must legally comply with strict EU regulation, to ensure that their farms sustain the health of: Soils, Eco Systems, Animals and People. These standards are built on the key principles of organic agriculture: Health, Ecology, Care, Fairness

Organic Hebal Drinks

Refreshing & Immunity Boosting drinks which support healthy living

Organic Herb Well Herbal Drink

RS. 630

Cinnamon Herbal Drink

RS. 595

Organic Moringa with Peppermint

RS. 595

Certifications and
Our compliance team is dedicated to ensuring that we not only maintain highest quality standards of our products, but those products are manufactured engaging responsible and ethical practicess. We also take it upon ourselves to ensure that our suppliers adhere to those practices reflecting our values throughout the supply chain.

Health Benefits

Herbal Drink Products of Rolanta is enriched with Natural Organic Blends


This is why we do, what we do. We take pride on providing you the best herbal tea and drink Happy Customers are the main reason why we continue to do so well througout.
Industrial zone, Pallegoda,
5th mile post meegama,
Mathugama, Sri Lanka
+94 77 777 5966
+94 34 229 3487