The range of active ingredients contained in the range of Rolanta herbal drinks are carefully selected to ensure that the products contain potent ingredients offering maximum health benefits to the user. As a Sri Lankan origin organic brand, some ingredients are native to Sri Lanka, whilst all ingredients contained are sourced from organic farmers and producers in Sri Lanka

Black Tea

Black tea also known as Camelia Sinensis is one of the staple beverages consumed in Sri Lanka and synonymous with Sri Lankan culture. It is packed with antioxidants and protects from free radicals that cause damage to the cell bodies. It is rich in antibacterial and anti-ageing properties and beneficial for skincare routines. Black tea promotes mental health by assisting to reduce anxiety, improving memory, focus and concentration. Moreover, it improves gut health and prevents chronic disease. Furthermore, evidence suggests that regular consumption assists with reducing the risk of diabetes, cholesterol and obesity.

– Helps to maintain focus and relax
– Protects against chronic diseases and reduces diabetes, cholesterol and obesity


Ginger is also known as Zingiber officinale is loaded with antioxidants and properties that prevent stress and damage to the body’s DNA. Ginger is an active ingredient that could help the body fight against chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diseases of the lungs whilst promoting healthy skin, hair and anti-ageing.

– Helps to treat many forms of nausea, especially morning sickness
– Assists with weight loss
– Can help with Osteoarthritis
– May contribute to lowering blood sugar levels and improve the risks associated with heart disease
– It may help lower cholesterol levels
– Could help treat chronic indigestion
– May help reduce mensural pains
– Contains a substance that helps to prevent cancer
– May improve brain function


Ceylon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Verum) also known as “true cinnamon” is one of the most sought-after types of Cinnamon across the world for its high quality in comparison to Cassia Cinnamon. Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which helps to lower the risk of disease. Cinnamon also may aid in improving key risk factors for heart disease, including cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. Furthermore, Cinnamon is renowned to significantly increase sensitivity to the hormone insulin, lower blood sugar levels and thereby enables the control of Diabetes.

– Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties
– May reduce the risks of heart disease
– By improving the sensitivity to the hormone insulin, brings down blood sugar levels and assists in controlling diabetes disease
– It may be beneficial to control effects on neurodegenerative diseases
– Due to its ability to reduce the effects of high-fatty food, it assists in weight loss


Renowned as the ‘Miracle tree’, Moringa is popular for its numerous health benefits. Packed with essential nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals, Moringa has few known side effects. The health benefits of Moringa extend throughout the body as it assists in improving brain function, increase energy and strength, protects and nourishes skin and hair and contributes to improving the general health and wellbeing of the body.

– Contains a range of vitamins, proteins and minerals
– Moringa is one of the most potent ingredients known as it contains 7 times more Vitamin C than in oranges, 15 times more Potassium and in Bananas and 9 times for protein than contained in Yoghurt
– Moringa contains calcium, protein, iron and amino acids which contribute to healing, building muscle and gaining strength.
– Supports brain health
– May assist in improving digestion and gastrointestinal health


Commonly known in Sinhala as Koththamalli, Coriander is renowned for its numerous health benefits. It contains rich immunity-boosting antioxidants which prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals. Its antimicrobial compounds aid in fighting certain infections.


Peppers are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E most B vitamins and in particular vitamin B5. They also are very high in potassium, magnesium, iron and rich in calcium and phosphorus.

Lycoricidine or Valmi

Lycoricidine has been shown to have antibacterial properties that can help ease symptoms from upper respiratory tract problems like the common cold. It has also been shown to be effective against sore throat when consumed as a tea.